portrait Tuan-Anh (TA) PHAM
About me
Nationality: Vietnamese

Graduated as an Engineer of Telecommunication in Vietnam then MSc. Network System Engineering from University of Plymouth in UK, I had been working as a Solution Architect (SA)/Service Engineer (SE) for LM Ericsson International AB in Vietnam (now Ericsson Vietnam Limited) until I joined Ericsson Ireland in February 2014, working as an Integration Engineer in OSS Competence Centre (OCC), RCWE. I was also a team leader responsible for integration, maintenance and support of all management systems for Ericsson products not only in Vietnam but also in other countries within RASO.


– Pursue a career of working for an international telecommunication and IT company.

– I value the importance of knowledge sharing and I am always keen to share my knowledge and competence with my colleagues. Knowledge Sharing is vital to be successful in a very competitive environment.

– I always try to approach my tasks from different angles and with alternative solutions, thinking out-of-the box in order to give the best to the tasks assigned.


Academic Qualifications
– Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Telecommunication Engineering, University of Technology in HCMC, Vietnam.

– Master of Science (MSc) in Network System Engineering, University of Plymouth, England, UK.


Other Qualifications
– With the specific products of Ericsson, I am an expert of Mobile OSS (OSS-RC), Ericsson Network IQ (ENIQ) and Broadband OSS (IPT NMS & EMS) which recently acquired by Ericsson from Marconi. I have capability of deploying these systems from the scratch as well as upgrading running systems. I have achieved this either through practical experiences (projects) and/or certification programmes from Ericsson GSDC (Global Support Delivery Centre). Besides that, I also have good knowledge to handle network element integration tasks (BSC, MSC, MGw, RNC, RBS, MM, MA, OMS, MNL, etc.).

– I have self-studied and become an expert of Sun Solaris Operating system as well as other UNIX systems like Linux (SLES and RHEL).

– Good competence in Microsoft Windows Operating System in both Desktop and Server environments.

– Extensive experience in hardware of IT systems.

– Competence and practical experience in deploying Virtualised Platform (both Full and Paralysed virtualisation) such as VMWare products and Citrix XenServer.

– Good knowledge in programming languages (C, Delphi, and Java) and also shell scripting (Bourne, Python and Perl).

– Along with the delivery role in Ericsson, I also frequently take the role in the customer support team including handling emergency phone.

– I also absorb the experiences of a solution architect in creating or adapting a solution to what customer needs during my career working in Ericsson.

– I have ability of working independently as well as working as a team. I am also capable of working under pressure and/or stressful environments.


Career History
– After finishing my academic education, I joined Ericsson from February 2007 as an OSS Integration Engineer.

– Promoted to TMS Senior Team Leader from June 2009:

  • Taking lead in the OSS and ENIQ delivery system.
  • During the time I had this role, I joined many projects as the primary integration engineer and solution architect. With the knowledge transferred and experience gained, my local team and I achieved the approval from the GSDC to implement the OSS & ENIQ system with our own resources.
  • In parallel, I have built the local test lab in Ericsson Vietnam to support many projects completed before the deadline, saving a lot of budget. This lab also helps us in troubleshooting any issues raised by the customer, and greatly reduces the handling time.

– When the RASO is organised in July 2010, I was promoted to OSS Team Leader, Integration:

  • Continued to with the leading role in the delivery team along with providing technical support to other team in OSS domain.
  • Achieved the position of RASO’s OSS delivery hub and prioritised resources in local ENIQ & Broadband OSS implementation.

– During the major transition of our particular product – OSS-RC O11.x and onward, I have been granted the privilege to deliver the new system on my own with full support from the Head of RASO and become the driver for the innovation and challenge.

– I’ve certified as a Senior Integration Engineer from Ericsson Global Certification Programme since April 2012. Along with Service Engineer role, I’ve also been working as a Solution Architect in OSS Domain ever since, providing complete and customised solution for our customers in Vietnam.

– Currently working as an Integration Engineer in OCC of RCWE of Ericsson Ireland based in Athlone.

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